About us

The company

All rights to commercialise the ideas of Robert Dave Myrland have been transferred to the company: Simplified Connections LLC, with whom you might affiliate, and from which you eventually might obtain a license.

Primary goal
The company┬┤s primary goal is to help humanity to secure a resilient and sustainable future with as small a footstep as possible, with out restraining happiness and growth for humankind; thereby embracing the Earth, with all its abundant life, as equal to and one with mankind.

First step is to simplify power systems and electrical equipment. This is done by licensing inventions. Thus the money for the next steps is created.
Next step is to create research centres, where the technical means to phase out carbohydrate fuels and nuclear power and replace it with green, renewable technology, can be created.
Third step is to implement these technologies and make them accessible to all human beings on earth.

60% of all net earnings are earmarked and spend on this goal alone.

The Creator

Safety, economy, simplicity, reliability, environmentally friendly. These were features that Robert Dave Myrland was passionate about when developing the Quick-Series. Thinking of how many people have failed trying to rely on patents, he sought for and found an alternative.

His ideas are recorded in an unpublished book; under the custody of the company USD System Edition. A book, as a unique expression of the ideas of the artist, is known to be protected by copyright.All application and realization of these ideas with out the expressed consent of the author can therefore be understood as plagiarism and crimes against copyright.

To focus on the protection of our Product line, we kindly advice to watch the video in the top Right corner. This are the alternative form of protection that Robert D. Myrland have for his product line(s).